Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Birthday Pavlova

Dessert: Pavlova
Location: Serai
Price: RM 14.80

I celebrated my birthday at Serai, an elegant Malaysian-Indonesian restaurant tucked into the flamboyant strip of restaurants at the Empire Shopping Gallery.

The beautiful pavlova arrived on a large white ceramic plate. The plate, carefully cradled by the fingers of a waiter, was slowly lowered onto the table as the rest of the restaurant crew sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" beside me.

Orange flames danced feebly on the wicks, but quickly vanished in one quick breath.

Forking the pavlova, the meringue crust crumbled away to reveal a soft, spongy texture. Strawberries and berries perched on a bed of fresh cream, waiting to be savored.

The sweetness of the cream overwhelmed the mild sour tang of the strawberries.

Pavlovas were named after a Russian ballet dancer, Anna Pavlova. The light, airy texture of this delicious dessert resembled the ballerina's style - delicate and smooth.

It was love at first bite.

Photographed and written by Carissa Gan.

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  1. Hey, i recognize the camcorder. (: Maybe the person who did a video recording of the birthday celebration should get his girlfriend to upload it here? =)

    By the way, back to the subject of Pavlova's... how did Serai's compared to the one you had at Delicious?