Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Perfection in a Plate

Dish: Shrimp Scampi
Venue: Doc's Grill

I'm a pasta lover. There was a week when I ate nothing else but pasta for every meal, every single day. So it was no surprise when I went to restaurant I'd never been in before, which was famous for its steak, and ordered pasta.

The menu contained about 10 pasta selections, but my intolerance for parmesan narrowed my choice to the Shrimp Scampi. It was the safest thing on the menu that wasn't soaked in marinara sauce or served with parmesan shavings.

My meal arrived in a large white plate, ready to be devoured. The shrimps were tossed with sun-dried tomatoes in creamy white wine garlic butter sauce, served atop a bed of fettuccine and garnished with green onions and grated mozzarella. 

It was absolute perfection. The shrimps were juicy and succulent, the sun-dried tomatoes added a sweet tang to the meal and the cheese melted into the sauce, infusing the warm buttery liquid with cheesy delight. 

To clarify things here, I may be a pasta fan but I don't go around praising every pasta I feast on. This one was different because it was the best Shrimp Scampi I'd ever tasted. It overruled every other shrimp pasta I'd had. 

Until this day, whenever I think of Doc's Grill, I think of the Shrimp Scampi bathed in creamy white sauce, with flecks of green and red among the yellow noodles, and I know it's perfection in a plate.

Photographed and written by Carissa Gan.

Know of a good restaurant that serves the best pastas? Share your stories with us at tastytemptationz11@gmail.com! :)


  1. *Gasps!* How can you love pasta and yet would have nothing to do with Parmesan cheese sprinkled generously on top and all over!?

    Good to note that you're not averse to Mozarella though! Phew! The Italians love their cheese, and so do i! Now you know why i'm so cheesy. :P

  2. I guess I'm just not fond of the taste and smell of Parmesan. I've tried liking it, but it never worked for me. I don't know why. But this saves me a lot of time when I'm getting pasta at restaurants. :)