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Guest Contribution: Pitza 42

 Carissa Gan© 

Venue: Pitza 42

Not often do you get the chance to experience something that tantalizes your taste buds and gives back to the community at the same time.

Pitza 42 (pronounced Pitza Four-Two) opened in 2011 as a restaurant that takes an innovative approach to making pizza by using pita bread.

It was founded by Austin and Ashton Samuelson, a Conway couple that is passionate about ending childhood hunger and malnutrition.

The goal of the restaurant is to provide healthy, budget friendly meals to people and in return give to those who are not able to provide meals for themselves.

Customers can get a variety of different “pita pizzas” and can customize their order.

 Carissa Gan© 

You are greeted with a smile every time you walk through the door and given exceptional service by their employees. It is truly a welcoming environment.

Pitza 42 is a unique dining experience for people looking interested a fresh take on the current food election in Central Arkansas.

 Carissa Gan© 

The “pitzas” are offered in 6” and 9” sizes. There are several ingredients to choose from to put on your choice of white or wheat pita bread.

Each is toasted lightly to give it a crispy edge that allows the ingredients on the “pitza” to shine through.

I had the “Pollo Loco” on my first visit. It features a Mexican-style sauce, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, grilled chicken, red and green bell pepper, onion, and cilantro.

My favorite menu item offered though is probably the Kickin’ Chicken Pitza, which has a special Mexican style sauce, black beans, jalapenos, chicken, and is topped with a homemade Nuevo ranch sauce.It was a special menu item a few weeks ago and isn’t currently a main feature of the menu. The sauce is what completes it and gives it a completely Mexican flavor.

Kickin' Chicken Pitza
Brandon Riddle© 

The newest addition to the menu is the Buffalo Chicken Pitza, which has a buffalo sauce,gouda cheese, blue cheese, buffalo chicken, and green onions.

I have yet to try the new item, but I am sure it will be a hit.

Pitza 42 also offers Choco Berry Pitza and a cookie dough “pitza” as dessert options.

Brandon Riddle© 

The “Choco Berry” has a spread of cream cheese with freshly chopped strawberries and chocolate chips to top it.

There are a few menu items I have not tried yet, including the salads which are on sale for $5 on Tuesdays. I have heard great things about the soup selection as well, which includes a chicken tortilla soup.

Most visitors to the restaurant order their cheese sticks with ranch dressing instead of the signature marinara sauce offered by other pizza places.

 Carissa Gan© 

It is an experience for the family, supports a good cause, is a healthy alternative to most fast food options, and will leave you wanting more.

If you are not interested in eating the food though or are unable to visit in-person, you can always purchase a t-shirt for $15 on their website to donate to their “Meal For Meal” mission.

Volunteers helped Pitza 42 load 108,000 on April 14 for kids around the world through Feed My Starving Children, a Christian non-profit organization.

It is quickly becoming a mainstay for the community. Every time I order, I can feel the giving heart of the employees and love to hear about the progress they are making to end hunger around the world.

 Carissa Gan© 

Their motto, “Eat good, Do good,” truly lives up to its promise.

Pitza 42 is located at 2335 Dave Ward Drive, Suite 101 in Conway, Arkansas.

 Carissa Gan© 

Restaurant hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. They are closed on Sunday.

Photographed by Brandon Riddle and Carissa Gan, written by Brandon Riddle from Arkansas, USA. 

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