Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps

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Cost: $3.49

When I first took one of these pretzel crisps out of the bag, I was surprised. It wasn't the small round, twisted pretzels that I was used to, or even the straight pretzels that I devoured like candy if placed in front of me. These were flat. Yes, flat, as if someone had taken a rolling pin to the dough (or ran over it with a truck, minus the tire tracks). I don’t know how the dough was flattened, even though I’m willing to bet it wasn’t with a truck, but the outcome was certainly original.

Even though these pretzels smell like a pizza with garlic, there’s nothing pizza-y about them (besides maybe the parmesan seasoning, and that they’re so good I couldn’t stop eating them). There’s a nice balance between the garlic and parmesan smells, giving an inviting first impression that promises to be packed with flavor, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The package describes them as “thin, crunchy, pretzel crackers”—and that’s exactly what they are. This flattened pretzel retains the crunchiness we all love of the pretzel with the soft chewiness of a saltine cracker as it melts in your mouth, complete with powdered seasoning for a smooth texture. You recognize the saltiness of the seasoning from the second it touches your tongue, but then the subtle taste of garlic becomes evident. Unlike plain garlic, the taste doesn’t linger, so you’re ready for a fresh flare of garlic with every bite.

And if you’re anything like me, that fresh flare will keep you coming back again and again, and then maybe even back to the store to get another bag.

Written by Taylor Neal.
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