Thursday, September 27, 2012


Dish: Mango froyo topped with chocolate sauce, dark chocolate crisps and strawberries.
Venue: Pinkberry, New York

When I was in New York this summer, I met up with two guys I hadn't seen in three years, AG and Rain. It was a hot summer afternoon and we were craving something cold and sweet. So, they took me to Pinkberry for frozen yogurt (froyo). 

Pinkberry originated in West Hollywood, California in 2005. It burgeoned across the country and the globe, with more than 200 stores worldwide. Prior to this, I'd only seen delicious photographs of Pinkberry yogurts on my Tumblr dashboard. So to be standing in line in an authentic Pinkberry store that afternoon was a moment to remember.

Clean photographs of the six yogurt flavors were pinned on the glassy wall: original, pomegranate, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry and mango. AG said the mango yogurt was the best. While waiting our turn, we talked about eating and living healthy - he told me about his trips to the gym and his vegetable diets, which I really admired but secretly knew I couldn't do. But anyway, we agreed that for the sake of our bodies, we'd try to keep our yogurts as simple and fat-free as possible. 

At the counter, I asked for a small mango yogurt.

"And what toppings would you like?" the cashier asked. "You can pick two kinds."

I surveyed the array of toppings: dark chocolate crisps, fresh fruits, roasted hazelnut pieces, cheesecake chunks, fruity cheerios, toasted almonds, gummy bears, and a whole other bunch of treats. I went with dark chocolate crisps (because I love chocolate) and strawberries (just to be healthy).

"Would you like chocolate sauce?" she asked.

My mind lit up at the mention, and before I could stop myself, I said, "Yes, please." While I said that, AG blurted "No!" on my behalf. 

"Oh dang, too late to change my order now," I sighed with false disappointment.

AG looked pretty disappointed. He would've made a great personal trainer, but not today, because my lust for chocolate overpowered the urge to stay fit. You're hearing this from the girl who loves chocolate so much, she eats Nutella out of the jar sometimes.

The yogurt was creamy and rich. It was sweet to the tongue with a subtle hint of mango. The dark chocolate crisps were crunchy, and the fresh strawberry slices added a sour tang to the overall sweetness. And of course, the chocolate sauce made the whole experience richer and sweeter.

No regrets there!

Photographed and written by Carissa Gan.

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  1. Mmm. This blog always makes me hungry. Glad your ice cream was so yummy. And I know how it feels to be hopelessly addicted to chocolate. :)